6 April, 2014

Commercial Electrician

Hey guys, I was trying to get more information on this trade, i-tap. Looked up online, didn't find much about them. When I went in for the tour of the facility, they told me if I qualify for FAFSA, it would only cover 5,600$, then I would have to pay the 10k myself. The thing I'm worrying about is, when I went in they answered the questions etc, like if they will help me employ after graduation, etc they said yes, that they have 7 contractors, it's a 6 months course. I had a follow up call yesterday, and the guy told me a bit more then the woman who gave me a tour when I came in, he told me that they actually have 35 contractors, but 7 of them are their main ones that call on the daily basis. He also said that they will help me build resume, etc, so they can push me out the door and get me employed. Was on the phone with him for about 30mins, he kept going going how good the trade is, and gave me an example about 2008 when tons of ppl were sitting at home, and commercial electricians were still out working, and they work the most out of any trade, even in a tough economy. So my question is, are they just trying to butter me up so I just come in and waste my money, and once I graduate, they will tell me it's my job to go out and find it ,when they promised. I had a friend who was going for a diff. Carreer/trade and they promise him a lot too, but when he passed/graduated, they did not help him with resume, or get a job, etc, he had to go out and find it himself. I have any experience in residential electrical, a bit in commercial but not much. 10k is a lot when you're paying it out of your pocket and hoping to learn a trade, then get employed so you don't have to go out looking for contractors, etc, ofc you can get also get a loan. Full tuition is 15,600$ without any FAFSA help. Here's their website that is in Sacramento: Not sure where this goes, so if you know where I could post correctly for better replies, please tell me ;p Thanks. From what I can tell… Some information: is here. See if you can visit a training center before you sign up and speak directly to the instructors and students.

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