9 May, 2014

Concrete Masonry

I want to put in a block retainer around my driveway to keep my gravel from washing away, and I want to connect them so they won’t get knocked down or taken away by any one who comes in my yard, and takes things when I’m gone. Would I use concrete or masonry mix to hold them together. Well, I have your answer. Definitely use masonry mix. There are no aggregates (just sand) mixed in. It will be easier to lay the blocks and will bond better. When you go to fill the cells of the blocks use a concrete mix. If it is a nonstructural wall you don’t need to fill every cell. For added strength put re-bar (verticals and horizontals) between blocks. Check the web out for more info. Look up concrete block installation. Good luck with your project.

Kevin Mangum walks you through the perspective of building a concrete home, articulating viewpoints from Builder, Buyer, and Seller. Energy Efficiency, Safet. . .

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  1. Tiger Nguyen May 7, 2014 at 11:52 pm #
    Mortar mix.