17 September, 2013

Control Circuit Troubleshooting

I need to know what duplex control circuits are, what they are used for, and any other examples where they are being used. Well, I have your answer right here. Never heard of a duplex control circuit. There are control circuits that run at half, or full duplex however. Those two terms mostly apply to communications or data transfer. Networks in a business may use half duplex routers or switches. Half duplex has two highways, if you will. When data is sent, all traffic stops on the opposite side of the road, although the data streams across the open side. When data has to travel the other way, the traffic is stopped on the opposite side. In this way data only travels one way at a time. Full duplex can send and receive data both ways at the same time, with no pausing. For this process, sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD) is integrated. I read that Combat-net for the military uses a half-duplex network. They for a certainty have much better communications than half duplex and im sure they are heavily encrypted and are sent and received from hardened units.

A HOW TO for making an automatic light controller for everyday use.

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