9 June, 2014

Control Logix

Any institute offering these courses PLC programming, DCS programming, Allen Bradley Control Logix, Siemmans PLC and Honeywell DCS,Drives and SCADA. And what are the fee structure and duration of the course. Do you know what I found? The PLC training is usually given by the company whoever is supplying PLC. say Allen Bradley gives training for you on its PLC’s and related software. This will get you a good discount or you may even get a free training if your organisation is big. If you are a student and if you are interested in General PLC knowledge there are several courses available. But since I do not know your country of origin , I am suggesting you in general to have a look at the following websites. (India) (UK, North America and Middle East) (Supplies DVD’s) -India Check these websites to• For Online Learning

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  1. Kayson Baghwan June 8, 2014 at 12:46 am #
    its not wise to take these courses if you're not invloved in a power plant operation which makes use of these devices. it takes a long experience to fully comprehend how these devices work and how are they programmed in a system of processes. better yet get yourself for an OJT or apprenticeship program in a power plant.