18 October, 2013

Control Logix

A TEXT, NOT a manual. I'm looking for a good book that covers everything from setup, networking, programming, to data manipulation. Preferably focusing on Control Logix and newer Siemens CPUs. A book that has both would be amazing. I'm not just learning the material so a beginner's book would not be relevant, SOMETHING QUITE ADVANCED is what I'm looking for. Please help. Thanks. And so today I found out that… You will not find a text book about a special PLC. All text books are general by nature. You want to read about setup, networking, programming, data manipulation and so on, in a text book?. . All this is what you will find in the product manual. Do you want a book to explain to you this special product manual? You will not find it, however many subjects (not all.) in the product manual you can find it in text books (not necessarily in the same) in a general context. Many PLCs have very special features or protocols which are used only for one company (i. E. Siemens), you will not find these features in any text book. If you have doubts with the product manual you should ask the provider or apply for a training in this special product.

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