26 September, 2013

Cutting Torch

The cutting torch is Natural Gas torch, the Fire Resistant clothing is rated as (Category Two: Eight calories per square centimeter). The flame is approximately 15 inches from the clothing. How long will it take for the flame to burn through the clothing? Please show math I am having trouble setting this one up. Thanks. I was so happy to find this — consider it from three angles. Joules- work equals heat, 4. 18j = 1 calorie heat. Julius Mayer, Rudolph Clausius, 3 laws of thermodynamics. In sum, what is natural gas? Methane? Hydrogen? Oxy? Hope that helps. Some

How to cut metal with an oxygen and acetylene torch. This is just a basic overview of how to use an acetylene torch to cut metal. Cutting 1/2 inch steel with. . .

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