2 February, 2014

Drive Systems

Wat does final drive do in tarnsmission. After looking around, I learned — In read drive autos final drive is not in the transmission. . It is a given name for several parts that have to doi with the "drive train". Engine is the main section then transmission, then "drive shaft" which transfer the transmissions power from engine to "Rear end". Wheel axles in the "rear end" is a set of "final drive gears which are set at 90* . . So the power from engine to transmission to rear end swithces through several gears until power is applied to the rear wheels thats in positive drive rear ends. . In normal drive rearends it is applied to only one drive axle side. . FRONT WHEEL DRIVE the drive shafts transfer the drive directly from the differential to the front wheels. The final drive gears are incorporated in the transaxle assembly.

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