30 October, 2013

Electrical Engineer

I am intreasted in Electrical Engineering, could somone (preferably an electrical engineer) explain to me in detail what they do on an average day. Thanks a lot. I was happy to learn… Regular day in the life of a typical electrical engineer: 1. Wake up.

2. Drink coffee.

3. Go to the office. Sit in a cubicle.

4. Drink coffee. Maybe eat a donut.

5. Scribble some formulas on paper and run some calculations on the computer.

6. Get dragged into meetings with non-engineers. . Ugh.

7. Drink more coffee.

8. Go home. If I ever have one of those 'regular' days, I'll probably die or retire. There are so many things going on that may involve: Travel System design calculations Training others or being trained Learning how stuff works Figuring out how your competitor does something, then figuring out a way to do it better Travel Meetings. . All kinds of meetings. Some are even interesting. Teaching people how something or other works You may spend time in the field, or in the lab, or maybe your office is a cable spool turned on its side in a petrochemical plant. . You may perfect the art of bouncing a rubber band off the ceiling to land in your colleague's cubicle. Or not. . Basically, there is no 'average day'. Some are more exciting than others, and some may have a routine, but they can all be interesting. . If you want them to be.

Jemima Jackson a Graduate Electrical Engineer for Ampcontrol talks us through what a day at work is like. Jemima gives insight into the skills required to be. . .

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