23 June, 2014

Emergency Service

Indicator of hospital services expecially for emergency services. From what I can tell… If you are asking do we think that there needs to be an evaluation of emergency room and waiting room proceedures—then heck yeah. The situation is ridiculously understaffed, undercaring and undertreated. I’ve had better treatment at an emergency care cente for workers and non insureds than in a real, supposedly “emergency” centered hospital area. There need to be more nurses to take care of the waiting people, they’re not there to wait hours to see a doc while they bleed out. Once you go back with the nurse and think you’ll be treated, it’s usually another hour to three or four before you are treated if you aren’t spouting blood or screaming and falling over fainted. Not everyone will have that happen, but still need emergency care, and I’d venture that most people aren’t going to fake it to get first care. Of all the underplanned and understaffed and under sized places, emergency rooms are it. I think that in larger towns, there should be at least two floors dedicated to emergency room issues. If there are fewer emergency room needs than usual-great-but it neeeds to BE there for those people who are otherwise pain riddled, broken limbed etc are sitting on the floors where people are vomiting, blood spatters from bad needle pull outs it’s a friggin biohazard and if you’re lucky, eventually you’re treated. This has happened several times in my presence, the later the worse for waiting but at Three PM in the afternoon, taking a friend on the verge of comatose, bloodless, can’t lift her head–she waited 12 hours. 12 hours. I was there. It was hell. This should happen in no civilized country. Hospitals in general need a work over. It needs to be sterile but does it have to look it? It would take so little to make it easier to deal with. The sterile environment just reinforces why you’re there. Unbelievablely, surgeons who are more like butchers have so much power–I know there has to be committees who take care of this and watch the numbers and complaints, but are they within the hospital themselves, shouldn’t it be an objective party? I don’t know how it works but it doesn’t seem to work well from what I’ve seen in several surgeons in specific. i’ll stop now. I’ve been through the wringer with docs and ER’s and all of it. And no one knows who to go to to fix any of it. It’s no one’s fault and no one’s fix. Ha.

A 7 minute compilation of emergency services in London, filmed in May/August/October, below a list of the videos with the times and a little description. For. . .

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