18 February, 2014

Gas Piping

Ok so recently we removed our gas pool heater, so all I have left is a really powerful LP outlet. We also recently bought a huge, gas guzzling grill. Like it has 3 massive steel tube burners, a side burner, and an infrared burner too. My question is this, can I connect my grill directly to the gas pipe so I won't need to a cylinder? It's maybe a 12 foot distance. If I can, what type of pipes/hoses should/can I use? Will having a direct inlet of gas make a big difference in grill performance over a cylinder. Well, I have your answer. Wow you can really tell the people that are just throwing answers out just to get points and can't take the time to read the question.Yes you can hook up a Propane grill up to a Propane gas line. This is most likely a high pressure line carrying 5-15 psi. But it also could be low pressure[the working pressure of the grill] it doen't matter either way it will work with the grills regulator[if it is high pressure the regulator will reduce the pressure down to the working pressure and if it is low pressure the regulator will just allow the gas to pass through]. You can buy the standard tank connection in a fitting that Will screw into the gas line. You Will have to reduce the gas line down to 3/4" or 1/2" if it is larger then install a gas valve if it doesn't already have one And finally the tank fitting. This tank fitting is named a POL[industry standard] so the fitting will be a 1/2"or 3/4" fip. [female international pipe thread] by female POL. You may have to get this from a Propane supplier I have never seen one on a store shelf. I would go with the tank fitting instead of direct connecting it that way you will be able to still hook it to a tank if you need to. You should use black iron pipe and fittings anywhere it may be exposed to damage or you could use corrigated stainless steel tubing where it is not prone to damage[you need to be certified to buy the stainless steel tubing]. And yes it could make a difference in performance with such a large grill if everything is turned on all at once the tanks may not be able to keep up with the burn rate especially as the tank get closer to empty,and with small tanks you always run the risk of being half way through cooking and run out of gas. And for Bert's and Mereyham's info LP is Propane or Butane and I may have wrongly assumed that it was Propane,and with that said if you have a Butane line then you may need a conversion kit for your grill

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  1. Sunna Jeffs February 17, 2014 at 3:43 am #
    A propane burner cannot be used with natural gas, and vice-versa. The openings (holes) in the burner must be of different sizes, because propane and natural gas burn at different rates, with different oxygen requirements. If you want to convert a BBQ to natural gas, you have to replace all of the burners. So, you might just as well keep using the propane cylinders until it's time to replace the BBQ, at which time you can purchase a natural gas model.
  2. J. Lowell February 17, 2014 at 5:04 am #
    Order a Propane to LP conversion kit and an LP regulator from the maker of your new grill and you should be good to go. Bert