1 October, 2013

Individual Sensors

I want to make a robotic arm that copies a humans hand actions from a glove or similar device worn by a person. Since the human fingers are too close by I am finding it difficult what type of sensors to use in the glove to pick up the hand motion. Basically I need help designing the glove. I want to know what kind of sensors can be used for this glove. I thought of using an accelerometer but they are too bulky to sense reading for all individual sensors. Please help. Do you know what I found? Hello, if you are poor or average in your study then you should mail us on puneconsultant@ymail. Com we provide set of question which going to be ask in your coming semester exams. We had a great link in near all university of india. note: We only provide sets for engineering courses,while mailing us you should provide your name,your college name,university,which course you are doing,and 3 or 4 subject of which you want the set.

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  1. J.328 September 30, 2013 at 11:12 am #
    You use flex sensors