3 February, 2014

Industrial Plumber

My hubby is a plumber looking for work and theres not much about. A friend knew someone and they offered him a job as an industrial plumber but hes only ever worked with domestic households and in any small commercial buildings. Will there be a big change with industrial plumbing or is it basically the same on a larger scale. Also with pipe fixing etc should he expect any major changes and what would they be? Thanks. From what I can tell… Hi, industrial plumbing is different in many ways, most work is on a larger size , for example you may be used to 15mm and 22mm copper where as we may be working on copper which can be as large as 100mm where it requires brazing and not soldering. All our fittings and brackets are of a different calibre due to extreme weights and possibility of steam etc instead of water. We also work with galvanised pipes which need threaded fittings using machinery. But dont despair because we also use small pipes on occasion. You will easily pick up most of the work and of course you have plumbing knowledge which is more important, Most of all you want to work so go on have a go just dont bluff , most lads are only to happy to show you as it gives us a break.. Been in the trade for 35 years and still love it. Good luck

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