6 June, 2014

Industrial Plumber

My hubby is a plumber looking for work and theres not much about. A friend knew someone and they offered him a job as an industrial plumber but hes only ever worked with domestic households and in some small commercial buildings. Will there be a big change with industrial plumbing or is it basically the same on a larger scale. Also with pipe fixing etc should he expext some major changes and what would they be? Thanks. I was happy to learn… It’s basically the same, except for heavy duty equipment and tools. He may have to familiarize himself with some of the specific types of equipment. Most equipment manufactures will have information about their products on their website. He may also have to check zoning requirements for his area. This sounds like it could be a good break for him. Good luck.

Learn more about what a Steamfitter or Industrial Plumber does. What is the work environment like. What training and education is required to pursue this pat. . .

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