6 November, 2013

Junior Mason

I am currently enrolled as a junior at George Mason University majoring in World Religions, and have worked simultaneously as a docent and curator for a museum to George Washington. Though I have not majored in History, but another social science – is it still possible to be hired as a History professor in a public school, particularly a school in Northern Virginia. What I found out was – It would be difficult on two fronts. First, you wouldn't be certified, which for that northern virginia area, would drop your salary by about $5,000, I think they pay around 36,000-37,000 a year for non-certified teachers. Second, because you didn't study the history classes, it would mean to ever be a certified teacher, you'd have to take more than just the education classes, but the actual history classes. The problem is that none of this is ever decided on a case by case basis but as a big blanket, and you can know every little but have all the bases covered, or know a tremendous amount but your transcripts say the wrong things and it not be worth much. Does this mean they won't hire you? I'm not sure. You wouldn't be on the top the list, but they need a lot of teachers though, but also consider that you're not the only person who's considering teaching with mixed credentials, it's becoming more and more popular and that's giving school more options.

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  1. Valen531 November 5, 2013 at 12:57 am #
    I think it's quite possible to have the requisite classes in social studies with your major. You may need an extra yr to get all the requirements in. Consider that in most states for mostly all teaching position in history or English there are about two hundred qualified applicants.