12 September, 2013

Junior Mason

What I mean is, I am 19 and, I am a Junior Mason. . I want to know when I become a Freemason, do I have to start off as a Prince Hall Mason or can I apply for mainstream Lodges. I think I found an answer. Prince Hall Masons are part of a body of Masonry recognized by many Grand Lodges, but started on a charter back in the 18th Century from England to a Brother by the name of Prince Hall (yes, his first name was Prince) to form a Lodge of Black Gentlemen in America. After his death, his friends started Prince Hall Lodges and ultimately Prince Hall Grand Lodges in the USA and elsewhere. Many are recognized by 'mainstream' Grand Lodges (such as NY) and there is inter-visiting. The details are a bit complex and have to do with the rule of *one* Grand Lodge in a geographic area. The *mainstream* Lodges we have been mentioning involve those officially recognized. You can find links to these through New York's website www. NYMasons. Org and find the Grand Lodge in your area. So in answer to your question, you are not 'limited to Prince Hall Lodges'. I'm assuming you are Black? I do not know of any of the 'mainstream' Grand Lodges that do not welcome Black men. There are plenty in New York, that I can assure you. I count a great many of them as very good friends. Bottom Line, I recommend applying to one of the 'mainstream' Lodges, as you are thereby an officially recognized member who can then, if the laws in your area apply, visit any Prince Hall Lodge you wish. Contact the Grand Secretary's Office in your state's / country's Grand Lodge (look in the links provided in the site above) for specific details for your area. Best wishes and good luck.

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  1. Randi Lowell September 11, 2013 at 4:10 am #
    A junior mason?