21 January, 2014

Licensed Tradesman Plumber

I have seen many job postings for Millwrights and Maintenance Technicians lately, the postings list that part of their duties will include plumbing; what the heck. My hubby had to go to school and do 5 years apprenticeship to get his Red Seal Plumbing license, a Millwright license is voluntary and even if they are licensed they are not qualified to do plumbing. The Ministry of Trades and Universities states "Only a Licensed Plumber Can Provide Plumbing Services" so why are all these companies getting away with illegally hiring unqualified tradesmen and handymen to the job that is mandated for Qualified Tradesmen Only Positions. Why isn't the Ministry going after these companies and corporations? Qualified Licensed Tradesmen like my husband who worked their rears off apprenticing for 5 years at minimum wages and paid for their 0wn education, exams and Tradesmen Membership are getting the shaft. Furthermore home builders and renovators when hiring people to complete a mandated trades jobs should have to ask for contractors licenses and should not be permitted to start building until they have provided the name and Trades license number of their QUALIFIED Tradesman hired to complete the job. I would think that insurance companies would also demand this as it would help to minimize insurance claims. From what I can tell… To know about the duties of plumbers, you can take the help of Quick Plumbing Sewer and Drain Company and they will surely help you in this matter. You can also visit us at this address 2822 San Juan Blvd Belmont, CA 94002 and also call us on tthis number (650) 551-1560. To get additional information about these plumbers, visit us at this website

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  1. Ms Johnson969 January 20, 2014 at 12:34 am #
    I don't know about Canada. But, in the US a homeowner or contractor CAN do basic plumbing. A contractor can repair, replace, etc. . . But, if you're running NEW plumbing, that's when they have to be a licensed plumber. Even still, as a homeowner, I was able to run new plumbing and electric as long as I got it inspected.
  2. Lyz Robot January 20, 2014 at 2:49 am #
    Not sure in Canada but mostly in US any handyman services, contractors can do express plumbing, basic maintenance works, etc.