25 December, 2013

Maintenance Electrician

In the first week of December I applied for a job as an Maintenance Electrician, at Norwich Prison, I was hoping that i'd have received any feedback by now. How long does it mostly takes them to get back in contact with you. I was so pleased to find this — In the normal course of events you would have heard something from them by now but remember that we had very severe weather conditions in December which may have resulted in any staff not being able to get in or getting severe colds/flu etc. Then you have the Xmas/New Year break. But you will get a reply from them, that is certain. Ring the prison up and enquire about your application, because the Admin staff in any prison is not large they tend to be more approachable than many big civil service places of work. But by definition, getting a position in the Prison service in what ever category is a bit more long winded than getting one in a civvy firm.

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