2 December, 2013


I am getting married in August, and I need to know how big I need to buy my mirrors. I will be using mason jars wrapped in lace with a tea light inside of them with a square mirror under them to reflect light. I need to know what size I need to buy the mirrors in to reflect the light properly. Okay, so I am actually going to use small votive candles instead of tea lights. Well, I have your answer. If you will be placing a mirror beneath each jar, suggest using a mirror which extends at least one inch out along all sides. A standard Atlas brand jar would need a five inch mirror square extend beyond the jar bottom. Large mason style jars would need a larger square. Placing sand in the jar bottom elevates the votive candle flame, and increases the glass and mirror areas which would be catching the light. There are heart shaped mirrors available, which would make an interesting reflective surface. ADD'L BIT. . If you are placing sand into each jar, wondered if you took a can of mirror spray paint and coated the sand (white color), how much the light increase would be. Place an amount of sand on newspaper layers, and start to spray the sand. Have another individual use a stick to stir the sand around as you spray the sand lightly to increase the color coverage. You are trying to enhance the reflectiveness of the sand, not create clumps. So a mix of white sand and silver mirror sand is the expected result. Or create a mix of 50/50 mix of colored glitter and white sand for another reflective possibility. Have you considered using down the table center a wide strip of mirror with the votive candle jars clusters on the surface? You could even use the same lace being wrapped around each jar to place three strips lengthwise on the flat mirror rectangle. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.

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  1. Depressed Raneesh November 27, 2013 at 1:07 am #
    Buy one mirror square (12x12" and a mason jar and cover the mirror with paper to reduce the reflective area and check out the effect with your other features. The small can on the tea light restricts the amount going down, so you will need to judge whether the light going out to the sides actually reaches the mirror and goes where you want. It isn't apparent to me.