9 October, 2013

Master Plumber

Need to know what colleges or institutions train to become a Master Plumber in or around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Please give details if you know any other info about the process. THANKS. I think I found an answer. Congratulations for knowing what you wish to do. They have no school, it is mainly on the job training and it is a union job and first preference is given to the children of the people in the occupation. But few new people do cut in, from time to time. New installations are not Massey but rework or repair jobs are very filthy, have to be very care full. But talk to any big plumbing company in your area. See if they let you sign up as an apprentice. May get lucky or have to knock on the few doors. Again any technical post high school studies will help at community college or vocational school, but you can go for engineering, like mechanical engineering. Plumbing is included in the studies (you pick it up on the way). If you have a technical subject teacher at your high school talk to that teacher be very polite and request an appointment. The teacher should be able to guide you. Note it is mainly a men's world, still, with very few females in it, work may be very physical. May take 12 years or more to become master plumber I think. You may be a brain surgeon in the same time frame (15 years). But we do need all kinds of crafts persons. So go for it. Click on minootoo.

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