3 October, 2013

Mechanical Aptitude

My husband was invited to test at a local Chemical plant in order to get an operator position. From people we have talked to in the past they have said the first thing you do is take a mechanical aptitude test, but as far as being able to describe what kind of things are on it, nobody remembers. Does anyone have any specifics that we should be practicing on. Well, I have your answer. Mechanical aptitude tests (MATs) measure your ability to understand mechanical and physical principles. The results may be used to determine your employability or potential for advancement. MATs involve an understanding of levers and pulleys, springs and electrical circuits, and tools and shop arithmetic. The most common MATs are the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test and the Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude. Some companies develop their own MATs to test for specific knowledge the job may require. Different types of Mechanical aptitude test are: 1) Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test 2) Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude 3) Ramsay Corporation's Mechanical Aptitude Test For more information about each of the types of Mechanical aptitude test, you can refer to this link below.

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