12 January, 2014

Mortar Preparation

I have existing sheet vinyl and am installing 13×13 ceramic tile. What type of preparation do I need to make. From what I can tell… I have done this with varying levels of success. One thing you should do, if you aren't going to expend the effort to remove the vinyl is rough it up, at the very least. The mortar (usually Quickset) actually depends on absorbtion from the surfaces it contacts, to aid drying, and a normal, secure bond. Certainly mortar will dry in any event, but the vinly is non porous. First,,,as I said I'd scuff up the vinyl,,, actually damage it to grain it, texture it, giving the bonding agent more to hold to. I've never tried this one, but it just came to mind,,,again with no idea on the success rate. You could lay down screening material, secured very well, then apply mortar and set the tiles? In whatever you choose by NOT removing the existing flooring, be prepared for the consequences, after the fact. Rev. Steven

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