20 April, 2014

Process Control Instrumentation

Hi I'm searching for an in-depth illustration as to the differences between these two modules of engineering. From what I understand, chemical engineers design a plant and control engineers control the parameters of the plant to gain a desired output, someone once simplified this to the analogy that 'chemical engineers make a recipe and control engineers cook it'. This still leaves me with a few questions though. What exactly are the key differences between the two? How do the taught subjects on these university courses separate the two and why does it seem that chemical engineers earn more then process control engineers? Can a process control engineer class them self as a 'process engineer' solely? Thank you for your time. Do you know what I found? ChemE is the study and application of chemical processes, like how you transform substances into new substances through physical processes. Control Engineering, a form of electrical engineering, is the study and application of the controls of a process. It is the study and application of the instruments that measure such things as the chemical process variable, the feedback loops that help in automation of the process controls, and the programming that makes the system work.

This is a presentation, about Process Control, Instrumentation and Automation. This is not in very detail, but some brief points included, so you can only ta. . .

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