28 October, 2013

Project Management (pm)

I recently started a new job, and came in the middle of a project, the PM gave a review to my boss that I'm not performing in certain ways she expected me too, however, she has cancelled all of our weekly meetings for the last few months. I am meeting with her next week and would like to approach the situation in a professional way, what is the best way to approach without pointing fingers. Essentially — you need to ask her straight out what she expects from you and is they any way the weekly meetings can start again, it's your boss lack of communication, poor management skills, lack of vision, teamwork and organization skills that have put you in this mess, but of course she will never admit to her failures so she will past it on to you. Next question: Did you come into this job as an entry level or with prior experience, that makes a lot of differences, if your are new then you can't rely on prior experience, but if you have experience, then it's up to you to figure it out, that's what they hired you for. . . Good Luck

Una porcin del paraso sobre las inigualables playas de Tulum. Realizado durante enero de 2012 en Tulum, Mxico, por los participantes de "Cuenta Tulum", Ta. . .

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