8 April, 2014

Quality Assurance

I'm referring to the ones offered by accounting firms like PwC and Ernst & Young. A brief description on the job function will do. Thank you. Well, I have your answer. Assurance professionals play a vital role in the economy by providing companies, investors and regulators with confidence about the validity of financial statements, business-critical information or processes. But assurance skills are not limited to audit or to finance. Assurance professionals also help clients make informed decisions about environmental policies, governance and management systems and fraud investigation. Working in Assurance Services will give you an perfect grounding in business that will open up a broad range of career options. It will give you the opportunity to apply your analytical skills and intellectual rigor to varied projects and to develop relationships with key client personnel. Assurance Services: Accounting and Financial Reporting External Audit Services Financial Accounting Advisory Services Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services

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