24 March, 2014

Residential And Commercial Construction

I just got a job at a gypsum supply company that deals mainly in drywall, metal framing, and ceiling systems. Are there any websites or books that help explain commercial construction as it pertains to these areas? I have seen the drywall books at Home Depot and they are somewhat helpful on the residential level, but I was looking for something more professional. Thanks. The company is doing a lot of business as of the first of the year, and have not had a lot of time to explain the ins and outs of drywall, ceiling systems, and metal framing. I have basically had to go to manufacturers' websites and do tons of searches. There is plenty of technical information on products but no explanation as to how it is used. Most of the contractors that come in know what they are getting and how it is used. They are not asking me those questions. All I have to know is if I have it in stock or how can I get it. I was just wondering if there is any reference guide to commercial construction. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. You dont need a book, you got a job and they will teach you. Trust me its even got a name "on the job training"

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