31 March, 2014

Roof Damage Assessment

I had a guy come to my door from NBRC and offer to do a roof assessment for free. I was told that I have wind damage and was advised to file a claim with my insurance. I did file the claim and my insurance found that the roof was damaged from wind. They replaced my roof, which I knew was old. I'm very pleased to have a new roof at basically no cost, but now i'm concerned that my insurance will drop me or go up. I have never filed a claim and I've not heard anything yet from insurance. Should I be concerned or just happy to have a new roof? Seems to good too be true. From what I can tell… No and yes. Your insurance will not raise your rate by an "act of god" condition. This is what you pay your insurance for. So no they will not for that reason. Now it may go up if the area you live in has had a large amount of claims in it due to wind and hail. The raise rates by zip code on houses not like your car. And how do I know this. Because I work for a very reputable company that specializes in the same thing. And I deal with many customers and their rates did not go up. So sit back relax and enjoy. As long as the company did a good job and did not overlay a roof, you are good.

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  1. Harpy X1 March 29, 2014 at 2:29 am #
    Absolutely, your rate will go up, no question about it. You trusted someone who knocked on your door unsolicited, that was your first mistake. You file a claim and your rate goes up. The single biggest indicator of future claim activity is past claim activity, keep that in mind. What is the NBRC??? Looking up that acronym yielded a few results:NITE Biological Resource Center, National Brain Research Centre (India), National Board for Respiratory Care, Inc. (Olathe, KS), National Bankruptcy Review Commission,North Bay Regional Center, National Birmingham Roller Club, National Board Resource Center, National Bison Range Complex, National Brick Research Center (Clemson University), North Boulder Recreation Center (Boulder, Colorado), National Biodiversity Reference Centre (Singapore), Nevada Bird Records Committee, Non-Bacterial Recurrent Cystitis, Norfolk Biological Records Centre (UK), North Bucks Road Club (UK), National Black Republican Council, Nuisance Bear Review Committee (Canada), National Basketball Rules Committee, Northbay Rowing Club (Petaluma, CA), National Biological Records Centre (UK), Non-Backward Read Compatible, North Bay Resource Center, Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre, North Beach Recreational Corridor (Miami, FL), Northwest Behavioral Research Center (Atlanta, GA), National Building Regulatory Consultants Pty Ltd, National Biological Resources Center (Japan), National Biotechnology Research Council, Nokia Based Resource Centre (UK), National Bioforensic Repository Collection (National BioForensics Analysis Center), NewCorp Business Resource Center, New Braunfels Running Club (New Braunfels, TX), New Brunswick Rules of Court, Nuclear, Biological, Radiological, or Chemical, Nabih Berry Rehabilitation Center, Nepal Biomedical Research Center, North Branch Rock Creek, New Britain Rock Cats, National British Roller Club (UK), New Brunswick Rowing Club (Canada), North Bristol Rifle Club (UK), North Berks Recreation Corporation, Natural Baby Rash Cream, National Barrier Reef Committees