2 May, 2014

Roof Damage Assessment

We have had something chewing through several roofs in my neighborhood and many folks are needing a new roof. . Including us. We had major leaking in the front part of our home. We used the Insurance Co. Recommended restoration company to give an estimate on repairs. They gave the insurance company a $12,000 estimate which included an entire new roof in order for the shingles to match, plaster repair and repainting in the front room along with refinishing the wood flooring that has water damage. The Ins. Co. Came to do their own assessment and decided they will only paint from the "trim" up (which does not even touch where the water damage occurred.), refinish the wood floor, and repair only the front part of the roof because our policy covers only the first elevation. We live in a ranch home with a same level addition on the back of our home. . The roof ties in with the front. According to the Ins co. They will do only the front part of the roof that you can see from the road. If we have only one level, then what is an elevation. From what I can tell… Basically it is what is visible from the street standing center line of your house. If there is no damage to the rest roof that is fair but any damage related to the leaks must be repaired also. If your state has an insurance commission or other insurance over site group I would get them involved. The repair company should be able to match the roof pretty well.

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  1. Alex XXX April 29, 2014 at 12:10 am #
    The "elevation" they are talking about is the view from one side. In this case, the front of the house. You need to get another insurance company.