27 March, 2014

Roof Damage Assessment

A man with (NBRC construction) came by today doing free Roof Assessments in my neighborhood for storm damage, well I signed my name on a hard copy with their name on top, and some other things saying that I authorize them to do these things for the roofing assessment to be done, well one of the things it says on the hard copy dawned on me after I sign it. So I have the bottom copy, and they have the top copy. The thing that it said was: "I understand that the roof techs will knock to let me know they are here but will do the assessment whether I am home or not. " Well they have not came yet and they will not come till tomorrow, but I tryed canceling by phone and there was no answer, and my question is: Because I signed the hard copy, does that give them the right to get on my roof even if im here and tell them to leave. I think I found an answer. Adam is correct, Anything you sign at your home you have 3 business days in which to cancel. If these guys show up at your house and insist upon climbing up on your roof even if you are there just call the police. Or break out your garden hose and let them have a shot, I'm not necessarily kidding on that. I have been in construction for over 40 years and have never heard of something like this. If those guys show up and I suspect that they will scream bloody murder and call the cops. They have no legal right to your roof regardless of what you signed. I would bet you anything if they do get up there they will find something wrong that makes no sense or they may do damage themselves and then try to get you to pay them to fix it. Call the cops. Another thing did they have a permit to solicit in your neighborhood?? They having asked you to sign a contract to look at your roof is strange. Another thing get up really early tomorrow to catch them before they try to climb.

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  1. Ms Jackson March 26, 2014 at 7:12 am #
    I believe you have 3 days to cancel any kind of contract. Leave a message on their answering machine. never hire a contractor who comes knocking on your door. Find your own if there's a problem. don't let them start any work on your rook till you check them out. even then you'll not know how good OR bad they are.