5 March, 2014

Roof Technician

I live in a row home, with a flat roof. I had Direct TV & the technician made 2 or 3 attempts to get a line of sight to the southwest, finally he found it. However, he badly covered up the previous drill marks & water leaked into my ceiling & mold formed. I tore the sheet of drywall out. I'm looking for the best way to repair the holes. I've read silicone & rubber, or roofing cement, don't bond & in the wintertime can leak (this may be what happened). What should I do, I'd like to go all out & redo the silver over a big patch. Also, I'd prefer to do it myself, rather than hire a pro ($$). But if needed, I would. I'm just afraid they;'d try to sell me on a new roof. Thanks, some extra details, It's a rubber roof. Right now it has the silver coated top. I live in Philadelphia, so it can get real hot, easpecially on the roof, but also can get real cold. Snow too. Not sure if that matters, but figured I'd mention it. It's pretty warm now though, & I'm thinking I'll do the work this weekend when it's about 50. After looking around, I learned — What is your roof made of? Rubber roofs can and should not have "black jack" roof tar used on them. They make a special roof patch for rubber roofs that works in all conditions. Caulk works for small holes, they make a clearcaulk that is good down to 10 degrees F. It is sold at Ace and True Value hardware stores. If it is an asphalt roof then roofing tar is OK to use. You can patch any type of roof, it is a matter of using the correct materials and bonding agent.

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  1. Dharmu Nguyen300 March 1, 2014 at 5:14 am #
    What do you have? A hot tar roof? Use the cement. It'll be spring soon. I fixed my roof with roll roofing and roof cement. Works fine and was fairly easy.