31 May, 2014


. Basically… Professional roofers are those who are licensed, insured, and registered with the state, and in the business of roofing, as opposed to someone who isn’t. A non-professinal roofer might work cheaper, and they might do an okay job, but you’re taking chance with them. Their work won’t be garanteed, and if you have a problem, you’re on your own to get it fixed. Another chance you’re taking with a non-professional is that if they get injured on your property, they can sue you. So before you hire a friend, relative,or the guy down the street, consider what chances you’re willing to take. There are few things worse than paying several thousand dollars for a new roof, only to find out it leaks the first time it rains, and you have no recourse. If you hire a roofer, ask to see their license, and proof of insurance. Make sure they’re up to date, and not expired.

This short video highlights the day-to-day activities you might expect to encounter when you are a Roofer. For more information, visit the pages listed below. . .

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  1. Daytona Nesmith May 28, 2014 at 11:59 pm #
    angie's list and the bbb are great resources to find good contractors in your area. I'd always check with someone you know and love to see whom they have used.