23 December, 2013


Need a roofer that does first-rate work and has satisfied clients willing to asses his/her work as referrals and cleans up afterwards. Plain three-tab composition shingles. I was happy to learn… My girlfriend just got a very reasonable quote for a roof in Salem, NH. I can't speak for the quality of his work, but you can check his references. Please call 603-893-5976 and ask for Joe. He can give you the name of the roofer. They got three quotes and this guy had the best price. They are smart shoppers and this might be a great guy to have the work done. Like I said. . . . . You can always check his references. Good Luck

This short video highlights the day-to-day activities you might expect to encounter when you are a Roofer. For more information, visit the pages listed below. . .

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