6 January, 2014

Roofing Assistant

Counting a hex wrench as 1 and an monkey wrench as 1 and NOT counting mostly all single size of wrench, which occupation requires the most different tools/implements? For instance, a medical surgeon would need to know/have more tools than a dentist. A carpenter/contractor would need more different tools than a carpet installer. Now say you were going to be an assistant to mostly all type of job. . Today you're a dental assistant, tomorrow you're a roofing assistant, the next day a lockpick assistant, the next day a lumberjack assistant. Which job would you have to learn the biggest number of different tools? The question is NOT "which occupations uses the most materials/components?" I want to know which one uses the most *different* implements. From what I can tell… Probably a computer programmer. If an engineer is designing a car, she does not invent new nuts to hold the wheels on. In fact, all the nuts for all the wheels are the same. There may be thousands of parts, but many are identical. If a computer programmer writes software, if there is a bit of identical code, it is made into a subroutine, and this routine is named from everywhere that uses it. So, all the parts in a computer program are unique. No two are alike. And, since they're cheap to make, there can be millions of them. Well, to cope with something that has a million parts, all of which interact with dozens or more other parts, you need any serious tools. Editors, compilers, linkers, debuggers, code analyzers, and so on. Some big chunks of code are complicated and hard to get right. So you have operating systems, databases, network routers, and on and on. One of the best questions i've ever gotten in an interview is "What tools do you like?"

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