21 November, 2013


My instructor has given us instructions to write a "corrected rough draft" and attach this file to our final copy of our essay. What does he mean? Wouldn't the final copy BE like the corrected draft? I'm confused.. His exact instructions: We will be turning in our first essay this week. Your essay must be accompanied by a corrected Rough Draft. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to write the essay, correct the errors, and write final copy. Please help… Thanks.. Best answer gets full 10 pts. Essentially — well, the corrected draft would be like, "correct all the little errors, such as grammar, spelling, and perhaps suggestions you got from peer editing, which I assume you probably did. " and final copy would be like "now that all your little mistakes are corrected, revise your essay as a whole piece, and see if you want to make slight twists and turns to the idea (eg. To make it more direct, or maybe you should add another piece of evidence) So, basically, rough draft is the little details, and final copy is to examine the piece as a whole, and make necessary adjustments.

Plumbing: Rough in top out inspection in a single family residence.

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  1. Rachel Fujiyama November 20, 2013 at 2:43 am #
    I can only try to guess what he means. I think he wants to see your rough draft and the actual corrections to it, which would mean you do them manually. (A lot of writers do make manual corrections, so they can tell how they got from one version to the next. ) Then your final would be the electronically corrected version.