16 March, 2014

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Does anyone know of a good plumber service in San Jose California? Would like any real first hand testimonials or explanation of company and work performed. Thanks for help. Essentially — Midas Plumbing 32 reviews, Rating Details 5 stars Category: Plumbing 418 Toyon Ave San Jose, CA 95127 (408) 313-3309 Hours: Mon-Sun 6 am – 12 am Accepts Credit Cards: Yes Reviews (32) About This Business Review from Ravi S. San Jose, CA 12/16/2012 So I started my search for plumbers by getting estimates from plumbers in my area with high yelp ratings. I chose Midas because of the direct phone estimate and the ease of scheduling. Also, he took my call at 6pm rather than forwarding me to answering services. John arrived at my house and he was very profession. He examined my faulty shower valves, gave me a verbal estimate, and even worked with me on the price. The job was done efficiently and with minimal intrusion. Furthermore, when he was done, the work sight was clean and there was no sign that he was there. I definitely found a good plumber and I can't say enough good things about him. Review from Evan C. 12/14/2012 I cannot really say anything that has not already been said. We have called upon him twice now for a clogged waste pipe – icky business. He has come over same day and even earlier than was expected so he could help us out. Removed toilet because we have no easy access clear out. He cleared the waste pipe of tree roots and debris, replaced toilet, caulked the base, and cleaned up. All in under an hour. Rate is very reasonable. He is quick, polite, cleans up after his work, and best of all, honest. I can talk with him about whether it would cost effective to do further work with the pipes or not. Greatly appreciate his services. We'll probably be calling for a third time again, once that darn tree blocks our pipes again. But at least we know we can count on John. Review from KevMo T. 12/10/2012 It's so hard to find honest professionals and I'm very glad to find John from Midas Plumbing. John saved us from being without a sink for a few days. We originally had another plumber come fix our kitchen sink but after many hours of going at it, nothing seemed to fix the sink. The original plumber says he needed to wait a few days to come back for another attempt. This is when John saved me from my frustration. Found John from all the positive reviews from Yelp. So glad I gave him a call. He was very knowledgeable and explained all the plumbing logic to me that was easy to understand. Long story short – John came and fixed our sink problem in ample time. Charged less then I would expect for job that someone else had a difficult time fixing. Explained all the work done and suggested ways to keep the sink running healthy. He is my go-to plumber from now. Review from Tim H. 1/9/2013 After my garbage disposal broke, I picked up a replacement at a certain home improvement store (one might even call it a depot ;-). The installation of the new unit was going beautifully until I tried to reinstall the j trap and discovered that the joint coming out of the wall had completely corroded and wouldn't reinstall without copious leaks. I heaved, pulled, and swore like a sailor trying to remove the pipe from the wall, but was defeated by the gods of ancient plumbing. Fast forward a bit and I scheduled an appointment with John. He was polite, professional, and worked quickly to saw off the old pipe, install a new one, and reconnect the j trap. He then went the extra mile to make sure that it was working without leaks. I would definitely use his services again. Review from Anthony B. 1/7/2013 Great service and great quality. John did a great job fixing our plumbing problem and he also did any preventive work to make sure the problem doesn't come back. He was professional, thorough and fast. Highly recommended…

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