23 February, 2014

Slc-5 Series

I have RSlinx 2. 1 (windows 95), Recently I installed a PLC allen bradley slc 500, 5/01, that was working in other machine, but when I tried to connect with RSlinx, this one does not recognize the cpu, and the cpu just flashing the PC CPU fault led, this RSlinx works great with other machine (SLC 500 5/02), what might be happen. I was so pleased to find this — The PLC processor appears cleared, that is the reason for the blinking CPU FAULT led. If the processor configuration is cleared, you will need to use the default communication parameters in RSLinx to start talking to the processor. (Did you check to make sure your module battery is OK? Is the Battery Low led on?) Connect your RS-232 port on your computer directly to the DF1 communications port on the processor using the appropriate AB cable. Verify your DF1 communication parameters. From the menu, select Communications->RSWho Right click on AB DF1-1, RS-485 (on the displayed RSWho's list) and select Properties The default communications properties for a cleared processor are 19,200 Baud, no parity and 1 stop bit, CRC error checking and make sure your station (RSLinx) address is set to something other than01. Or just click the "Auto-configure" button.

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