4 June, 2014

Sprinkler Systems

I’m moving into a high rise condo building equipped with fire sprinklers in ceiling. Would somebody explain how these work & what I should know about them. How to test them that they will function properly. I was so glad to find this — The sprinkler system in your condo does not need to be tested. The sprinkler system in a whole belongs to the owners of the entire complex and should be tested mostly all 6 months to a year. Some sprinkler system are what are named either dry or wet. A dry system is filled with air and no water will flow until a head goes off and air is expelled and then water will come out of that head. A wet system water will start to flow upon the head being active. Do not mostly all attempt to test a head in your home or you will have major water damage. The only time you need to be concerned is if you see a sprinkler head leaking and then call maintenance asap.

If you are tired of hassling with hose and sprinklers, and getting poor results from manual watering, this new automatic system is a perfect solution. The fi. . .

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  1. Tiger Camry41 June 3, 2014 at 12:16 am #
    Heat from a fire causes the seal to melt, and then water comes pouring out. A common seal is a glass bulb filled with a fluid (usually a glycerin solution) that expands when heated and shatters the glass, causing water to come pouring out of a sprinkler. They are not triggered by smoke, and they are not triggered by the room getting too warm. They trigger at about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. If your room is that hot, it is on fire. It is possible to set a sprinkler off by striking it with an object and causing the glass bulb inside to break, but this takes a substantial blow. Do not test it. If you set it off, you will flood your condo.
  2. Tiger Burbank837 June 3, 2014 at 6:21 am #
    You don't test them! Don't even touch them! They either have a glass bulb in the center of them that breaks from a predetermined temp. (Fire) or a piece of metal that melts at a certain temp. They then release a stopper that allows water to flow from that particular head. (Hollywood often shows a whole building going off because of someone setting off one head but that not only does NOT happen it is also stupid since there would not be enough water in the system) If you need to clean them off. (For dust) you can use compressed air like you buy for your keyboard.
  3. Jasmine Baghwan June 3, 2014 at 5:46 pm #
    Fire sprinklers will stop a fire from spreading and limit the damage, as soon as a sprinkler head is activated the fire alarm will be set off.