19 March, 2014

Steam Systems

The game nopt steam literraly . . . Well, I have your answer right here. Steam is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications platform developed by Valve Corporation. It is used to digitally distribute and manage games ranging from first-person shooters and RPGs to racing games and cross-genre independent titles. Among its clients are Take-Two Interactive, Eidos Interactive, Introversion Software, Strategy First, PopCap Games, Capcom, id Software, and most recently THQ. Price points Disregarding discounts and package offers, most Steam games are priced at one of the following pre-tax levels:[4] US$4. 95 (retro games) US$9. 95 US$14. 95 US$19. 95 US$29. 95 US$39. 95 (publisher contracts only) US$49. 95 (publisher contracts only) US$54. 95 (for any regions) US$59. 95 (for any regions) As of September 2, 2007 over 200 PC games are available on Steam, and there are approximately 13 million active users. The =]

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