27 October, 2013

Steam Systems

I steam cleaning my sons bedroom carpeting after lunch and was wondering how long it mostly takes before we can walk on it again. I have my air conditioning on and a fan going in the room. Steam cleaned not cleaning. Well, I have your answer right here. Depends on which meathod of steam cleaning you use. For most portable units up to 2 days to dry. Even though most portable units are not true steam cleaners they're mainly called so. For a truck mount steam cleaning unit generally 8-10 hours. If the truck mount cleaner does extra drying about 4 hours. There are truck mount steam cleaning units that are capable of 1-2 hour drying times (the hydramaster rotary drymaster machine) but these units are fairly rare. High humity can cause longer drying times. You can walk on the carpets if they're wet, however make sure your feet are clean, since the carpets are wet they will pick up dirt faster, then when they're dry

Here's a quick look at some games being played with the prototype version of the Steam Controller — the same version that we'll be shipping to 300 Steam use. . .

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