6 April, 2014


I NEED THIS FOR LIBRARY TOO LOL. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. A stonemason would be quite a prosperous medieval craftsman, so he would probably dine quite well. Medieval people usually ate a light breakfast, just bread and ale, and had their main meal, dinner, at about 10 am to noon. For the well-off, dinner was usually quite a substantial meal, and might include several different dishes. There would probably be any meat dishes, or if it was Friday or another faast day, there would be fish instead. Medieval people liked their food highly spiced, and meat might be roasted or stewed, or made into pies or fritters, sometimes made into a dish like a mortrews, of fish or meat that was pounded, mixed with breadcrumbs, stock and eggs, and poached, producing a kind of dumpling. Fruit wsa always cooked as raw fruit was considered unwholesome, and honey was often used as a sweetener (sugar was very expensive). Supper was usually a light meal consisting of just one or two dishes,

WATCH IN HD OR HQ FOR DETAIL. I am a 20 yr old english stonemason from england. I am in my 5th yr of stonemasonry, I thought it would be insightful & fun. . .

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