3 May, 2014

Threading Machine

I have a Brother LS-2125i sewing machine brand new, yet when I get to the last step of putting the thread in. I get confused, I try to see if it works with my fabric but the thread doesn't stay in the fabric. Help Please, I'm new to using a sewing machine. By the way I have the manual. From what I can tell… Let's start with some really basic stuff since you say the thread didn't stay in the fabric: 1. Do you have the bobbin in, and did you remember to raise the bobbin thread to the top? 2. Is the thread coming out of the needle eye when you sew? Or breaking? 3. Is the needle in right way around? The flat of the needle should be towards the back of the machine. Are you seeing something like this: _ ______ __ _ ___ _______ instead of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ? That's mostly a damaged needle or fabric that is so thin and delicate it's getting crammed down the needle plate hole when its being stitched (try slipping a strip of paper under the fabric and sewing through fabric and paper both — if that fixes it, let me know and we'll do a little more trouble shooting). What kind of thread and what size needle are you using? Thread needs to be about 60% of the width of the eye of the needle to sew correctly. Regular sewing thread (aka dressmaker thread) works well in needles from size 10/70 through 14/90. If your thread says "bobbin and lingerie thread", it's probably too fine for the needle size that came in the machine. If it says "buttonhole twist" or "upholstery thread", it's too thick for needles smaller than about 14/90. If you can put up a photo of what both sides of your stitches look like on a public spot like picturetrail and give us a URL for those photos, we can probably help more. In the meantime, here's a series of photos of how I made my sewing machine stitch poorly by slightly misthreading it: You may find it useful.


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  1. Ms Johnson April 28, 2014 at 7:07 am #
    Is the thread take up lever at the top when you thread the machine?