22 December, 2013

Underground Plumbing And Piping Systems

I have a sump pump that currently drains about ten feet from the house. I would often connect the white PVC plumbing pipe for the sump pump to a corrugated pipe I can run underground far from the house. The runoff has created a river in my backyard. I'd also often connect a nearby gutter downspout. What do I use to connect them? And should I use perforated piping or not? I plan on digging about 1. 5 to 2 feet down, laying gravel, the pipe, then a little gravel on top and covering with about 6 inches of dirt and topsoil. I'm trying to get grass to grow and can't have it be flooded anymore. Thanks for any help. Essentially — I just did this for my home. The home center carries a product named flex-drain. This is there website. They have all the adapters for downspouts. I used a the small downspout adapter for the PVC drain pipe and used leftover filter fabric to keep stuff from getting in. I connected 2 downspouts and the sump pump drain to a single lech area. The key is to use solid pipe to a distance away from the house and then use the perforated corrugated pipe with filer sock the rest of the distance for leching. The pipe is 4 inches round so you may need to dig about 6 to 8 inches down at a pitch away from the house. Gravel or crushed stone helps with leching. If you get lots of rain, you will need a large leching area. Keep that in the back of your mind as you plan your layout.

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  1. Grace Nguyen December 21, 2013 at 1:19 am #
    I've never seen an adapter for this purpose, but try this. Since it will be under no pressure, just cut a hole in the black pipe about the same size as your pvc. Put the PVC in the hole. Take some spray foam insulation which is polyurethane foam and seal around the pvc pipe. It will be water tight and will last a very long time underground. I have sealed pipes in septic tanks this way.