20 December, 2013

Voltage Troubleshooting

What is the typical voltage to charge a laptop computer? What happens if the voltage is too low or too high? Thanks for the knowledge. From what I can tell… 19V A laptop can draw anywhere up to 2 amps at this voltage. If the voltage is too low, it will not charge the computer. If it is too high, there are likely voltage regulators on the motherboard of the laptop to protect it from high voltage, so it will charge as normal. If the voltage is extremely high, it will damage the laptop and probably destroy it.

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  1. Ms Birdman December 16, 2013 at 6:56 am #
    It's not a fixed value,but generally manufacturers offer between 9 to 24V(depending on model). If the voltage is too low,you experience slow charging times,if it is too high it might damage the laptop.