1 May, 2014

Voltage Troubleshooting

My house voltage is 134 volts. I keep burning out light bulb and have trouble with one circuit in bathroom. Is this too much voltage? Called power company, they came and replaced transformer. All is working again. Just a few things burned out. They told me I was lucky that I didn't lose the TV or computer. Many thanks for the answers. Today I found out that… Actually voltage does range from 110 volts to 130 and if you are over 130 volts and sure your meter is actually accurate you do have a high voltage problem to any degree. Many people think that light bulbs are good for 120 volts + 10 percent this is not true at all. A light bulb is normally rated at 120 volts any people who do have higher then 120 volts do burn bulbs out. They do make a commercial grade bulb that is rated at 130 volts and yes they even make 140 volt light bulbs but are rare and you cannot buy them at a normal hardware store because they do not sell. We used to go through this with a section of town when they increased the voltage from the power company from 110 to about 128 actually and this did cause people to burn out light bulbs. We had to infrastructure outdoor incandescent lights with 130 volt light bulbs and had town meetings to tell people where to buy these so they were not changing light bulbs all week. Especially the local churches (3 of them) who had light bulbs over 30 feet in the air. Your voltage should drop any when their is more of a load on it and it should drop to 128 or so and make sure your meter is correct and or have it set properly. It should not hurt any thing else because most household appliances are rated at 120 volts + – 10 % so with that said you are good from 108 volts to about 132 volts. Now you can call any local hardware stores and ask them if they sell 130 volt light bulbs they will know what you mean if they have them and the proper knowledge as well. If not email me I can help you there as well. Also another alternative is to replace your light bulbs with CFL bulbs they are rated for the most part at 120 volts plus or minus your 10 % because they are electronic not like a standard light bulbs which is not. Look at your light bulbs and they say 120 volts 60 watts etc. . This is what they are rated for exactly up to 120 volts not over that they are not made for plus or minus voltage like an appliance or something electronic. They will work on a lower voltage but a higher voltage does burn them out faster because they are putting out more lumens then what they are rated for and not made to take a higher voltage. If you turn on several things in your home, do any laundry run the washer, dryer, water heater, turn on any lights tv etc and then check your voltage I think you wil see it will drop a few volts when more things are on. It should drop to 128 volts or less then you are Ok. Our older area has 118 volts nominal in one part of the county but when you come to the newer area where the transformers were changed out and the primary side of the utility company upstaged (high Voltage) we have 122 to 127 volts depending on the load demand. I hope this helped to any degree but have been a contractor for a long time and worked with all utility company in 7 counties doing sub work for them too.

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  1. Dharmu Masterson April 30, 2014 at 5:00 pm #
    Call the Utility Company, thay will tap down the transformer serving you , .28 volts is OK but 134 volts is to much . . . . Maybe you will be helping others using this transformer. . >>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mel