10 November, 2013

Water Treatment Systems Installation

Im not good at making electrical connections. Can someone help me with my water heater installation here in San Jose (240 volt 30 amp) in a narrative way. After speaking to others on the web, I found the answer. Hi maria. Its fun and easy after we are done your going to want to do the homes in a 300 mile radius. Make certain the power to the line is off. And double check it with a line tester. Dunt stick your tongue on the bare wires as they do with a 9 volt battery. If you do smoke will come outta your butt and explaining that to the children is tough. Okay so just dunt. If the line wires are not to torn up and stripped of the plastic. Let me explain in detail there is the outter sheith of the conduit that surround in this case three plastic or two plastic covered wires if you got a green plastic wire thats the ground ditto if its a bare copper wire thats the ground. The other color for sure is black we are always going to have a black wire. The other color may be white or yellow or red or blue. Never really worry of that with a three wire hook up. If you need to strip that wire cut the comduit sheth back about 4 inches that give you play room with the 3 wires. I as a rule of thumb strip back the color plastic one inch to one inch and an eighth. There is a tool for doing that its named a wire stripper. The next fun thing is WIRE NUTS those come in all sorts of shapes sizes and colors. Bottom line it has to fit the wires and not fall off. So now we take the black wires and put them together put the wire nut on them and then twist and twist till tight but not to tight you can break the wires then hook the green up with the bare or any other combo or bare with bare or green with green. And do the wire nut just like you did with the black wires. Now by this time they are going to ask if there is hot water thats when you reply yes three weeks from now go use the garden hose to bath. Longer if you sass me. Now get that last wire hooked up like the other two. Now after that hook up we have to bring that wire through the grommet in the access whole in the top of the tank and make for darn sure that its tight cause they do and I dunt know why but after you get them 3 wires hooked up they try to pull the leed in line out. That grommet stops that from happening. Then if you want to use real electrical tape and wrap around your wire nuts. Then screw on the access cover. NOW IF YOU DONE WITH THE PIPES AND VALVES AND THE WET END OF IT fill it up with water pop the pressure safety valve it will sound like a cow passing gas from its butt. Dunt ask. Then when the water exits from the valve that assures you the tank is full shut the safety valve. Now turn on the power. If not filled with water those heating rods burn out in the blink of an eye. And you dunt want to be replacing those that soon. Sorry if the instructions are kinda backwards I got the format of unwiring it also. Shall I bring a bar of soap to wash your back. Ha there I go again cracking myself up.

This is a quick video created for the California Center For Sustainable Energy. It highlights the basic steps involved during a Heliodyne solar hot water sys. . .

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